A Traitor in Whitehall (Parisian Orphan, #1) by Julia Kelly

A Traitor in Whitehall (Parisian Orphan, #1) by Julia Kelly

Title:  A Traitor in Whitehall
Series: Parisian Orphan, #1
Author: Julia Kelly
Publisher:  Minotaur Books 
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 
Date of Publication: 3 October, 2023
My Rating:  4 Stars

My Thoughts 

A late book review 

If you’re anything like me you have 250+ tabs open on your phone at any given moment - because I was looking through some of those open tabs and came across a widget invite for a book I really wanted to read but had too many other books on my NetGalley shelf (okay, I can’t comfortably have more than 6 books on my shelf, I get so stressed about having to read that I tend to not enjoy reading as much as I’m usually able to). At any rate, I found the widget in the tabs and grabbed it the day before the archive date and cheated a little- I borrowed the audiobook from my library and listened to this one. 

I love a good mystery series and as a story, A Traitor in Whitehall grabbed hold of my attention from the start and held on. 

* amateur sleuth 

* espionage 

* romance 

* series starter 

A little clunky in spots; it wasn’t perfect, but the first book in any series is busy laying the groundwork. Overall, I found it to be a solid series starter and I look forward to reading future titles.

Thank you to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for the DRC


From Julia Kelly, internationally bestselling author of The Last Dance of the Debutante, comes the first in the mysterious and immersive Parisian Orphan series, A Traitor in Whitehall.

"Kelly spins an Agatha Christie-esque mystery . . . thoroughly delightful and well-researched."—Susan Elia MacNeal

1940, England: Evelyne Redfern, known as “The Parisian Orphan” as a child, is working on the line at a munitions factory in wartime London. When Mr. Fletcher, one of her father’s old friends, spots Evelyne on a night out, Evelyne finds herself plunged into the world of Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s cabinet war rooms.

However, shortly after she settles into her new role as a secretary, one of the girls at work is murdered, and Evelyne must use all of her amateur sleuthing expertise to find the killer. But doing so puts her right in the path of David Poole, a cagey minister’s aide who seems determined to thwart her investigations. That is, until Evelyne finds out David’s real mission is to root out a mole selling government secrets to Britain’s enemies, and the pair begrudgingly team up.

With her quick wit, sharp eyes, and determination, will Evelyne be able to find out who’s been selling England’s secrets and catch a killer, all while battling her growing attraction to David?


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