A Bedtime Story (Beauty Meets the Beast) (Fairy Tales from the Underworld, book 1) by L.C. Moon

A Bedtime Story (Beauty Meets the Beast) (Fairy Tales from the Underworld, book 1) by L.C. Moon

Title:  A Bedtime Story (Beauty Meets the Beast)
Series: Fairy Tales from the Underworld, book 1
Author: L.C. Moon
Publisher:  BookBaby
Genre:  Erotica, Romance, Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 377
Date of Publication: 31 October, 2023
My Rating:  1 Star

My Thoughts 

The cover and synopsis drew me in but weren't enough to keep me invested as I read this.

In a story like this, characters need to be multi-faceted to hold my attention, and these characters had no layers or depths. The writing style was one I found didn't align with my own reading preferences. 

Thank you to BookBaby and NetGalley for the DRC


In A Bedtime Story, L.C. Moon invites readers into a somber fairy tale, where the beasts and monsters inhabit its protagonists, whispering over their shoulders. This is not a romance, but a raw and psychologically driven erotic tale, exploring themes of trauma and identity through the twisted love story of two profoundly broken souls.

Laura Spencer was a child of the moon, resilient yet delicate, using fantasies to escape her harsh reality. Kayne Malkin was a child of the underworld, molded into becoming a formidable predator and ruthless member of the Russian Mafia. Their paths, never meant to cross, fatefully intersect in a dangerous dance seeped in underworld intrigue.
In this unrelenting tale delving into the ugly and untamed sides of love and humanity, Beauty meets the Beast, forever changing the course of their lives.

Part of the "Fairy Tales From the Underworld" series, this first installment serves as a lyrical introspection on the cycle of abuse and how monsters are created through the lens of dark erotica, prompting readers to confront their own darkness.

Original instrumental soundtrack by Lana Chacra available on all streaming services.

Trigger warnings: dubious consent, mentions of self-harm, suicide, and murder. Please heed this warning: A Bedtime Story is NOT a romance. If you are seeking escapism through a dark romance whose characters are easily redeemed and that adheres to conventional tropes, this book will not meet your expectations. Also, it's worth noting that Part I concludes with a cliffhanger.


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