Highland Surrender (Sons of Sinclair, #5) by Heather McCollum

Highland Surrender (Sons of Sinclair, #5) by Heather McCollum

Title:  Highland Surrender
Series: Sons of Sinclair, #5
Author: Heather McCollum
Publisher:  Entangled: Amara
Genre:  Romance
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  400
Date of Publication:  24 October, 2023
My Rating:  3 Stars

My Thoughts 

This series is like potato chips - quick, fun reads. 

Abduction as a pathway to love isn’t generally a trope that works for me. In this story, however, the plot is set up in such a way that works a bit better. However, this one wasn't my favorite - much of it was fine and enjoyable, but some of it just didn't work for me. 

*While each book can be read as a standalone, family dynamics do come into play.

Thank you to Entangled: Amara and NetGalley for the DRC


With his family’s honor on the line, Norse warrior Erik Halverson has no choice but to follow the orders of the royal house of Denmark. Now he must follow his destiny—and royal command—to sail to Scotland, find his enemy’s weakest link, and abduct her. Their mistake, of course, was thinking the Sinclair lass wouldn’t fight back.

From the moment her four brothers took control of their clan, Hannah Sinclair has learned to stand tall and defend herself. So when a big, brawny, and admittedly handsome warrior tries to abduct her, she isn’t about to give in. And the more he tries, the more she’s determined to make it as hard as possible...and enjoy it all the while.

Now Norway’s greatest warrior has a Highland hellcat on his hands, and 
Odin help him, he can’t resist her. But with the brutal Sinclair brothers coming after them, Erik is out of options. War is inevitable. And when a man is forced to choose between duty and passion, only one will win…

Each book in the Sons of Sinclair series is STANDALONE:
* Highland Conquest
* Highland Warrior
* Highland Justice
* Highland Beast
* Highland Surrender


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