Lies, and Other Love Languages: A Novel by Sonali Dev

Lies, and Other Love Languages: A Novel by Sonali Dev

Title:  Lies, and Other Love Languages: A Novel
Author: Sonali Dev
Publisher:  Lake Union Publishing 
Genre:  General Fiction (Adult), Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 331
Date of Publication: 26 September, 2023
My Rating:  Stars

My Thoughts 

Full disclosure - if Sonali Dev writes it, I'm reading it. Happily. 

* The first chapter and I'm relating to Vandy as another worst case scenario worrying mom, regardless of the fact that my children are nearly adults (meditation has been very helpful). 

Love as a mother

Love as a friend 

Love as a spouse 

Ms. Dev  delves into the intricacies that come along with each of these loves. The characters (main and secondary) are vivid, and realistic 

Compelling, complex, and richly written, Lies, and Other Love Languages pulled me right in and held on tight. 


Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the DRC!


From the bestselling author of The Vibrant Years comes an emotional story of three women navigating ugly truths and safe lies with only love to guide them on a journey of motherhood, friendship, and life.

Bestselling advice columnist Vandy Guru built her career teaching others how to live honestly and courageously, but after the loss of her husband, Vandy’s public veneer can barely conceal her grief. When her beloved daughter Mallika suddenly disappears and her estranged childhood best friend Rani returns, stirring up long-buried secrets, Vandy’s carefully crafted life feels at risk.

Aspiring choreographer Mallika Guru is tired of failure. When another audition ends in rejection, she signs up for a genetic study to find out why she’s so different from her accomplished family. But the results reveal her whole life to be a lie, and Rani seems to be the only one who knows the truth.

Rani Parekh sacrificed everything for Vandy once. But to hold on to the life she’s rebuilt, she must confront her troubled history and face Vandy and Mallika. Join these three extraordinary women as they journey from LA to Mumbai on an incredible path of discovery, hope, and love.


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