Eating with the Tudors: Food and Recipes by Brigitte Webster

 Eating with the Tudors: Food and Recipes by Brigitte Webster

Title: Eating with the Tudors: Food and Recipes
Author: Brigitte Webster
Publisher:  Pen & Sword History
Genre:  Cooking, Food & Wine, History, Nonfiction (Adult)
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  249
Date of Publication:  UK pub date - 7/30/23 / US pub date - 10/7/23
My Rating:  5 Stars

My Thoughts 

Food history love is real and it's definitely a major interest of mine. I wanted very much to read this from the moment I read the title  and was so glad for the opportunity to do so. Spoiler: it was even better than I had hoped for. 

Reading over a gray and rainy summer weekend and just completely fascinated with all the research that Ms Webster obviously put into this title. The author is very knowledgeable and shares that in this treasure of a book.

The history, old recipes, and modernized recipes are made all the more intriguing by the photos accompanying the offerings. I really enjoyed learning how everyday people ate in addition to royalty. 

Excellent excellent book. Definitely worthy of a spot on the bookshelf of any food history lovers or Tudor era buff. 

Thank you to Pen & Sword History and NetGalley for the DRC!


Eating with the Tudors is an extensive collection of authentic Tudor recipes that tell the story of a dramatically changing world in sixteenth-century England. This book highlights how religion, reformation and politics influenced what was served on a Tudor’s dining table from the very beginning of Henry VII’s reign to the final days of Elizabeth I’s rule.

Discover interesting little food snippets from Tudor society, carefully researched from household account books, manuscripts, letters, wills, diaries and varied works by Tudor physicians, herbalists and chronologists. Find out about the Tudor’s obsession with food and uncover which key ingredients were the most popular choice. Rediscover old Tudor favorites that once again are being celebrated in trendy restaurants and learn about the new, exotic food that excited and those foods that failed to meet the Elizabethan expectations.

Eating with the Tudors explains the whole concept of what a healthy balanced meal meant to the people of Tudor England and the significance and symbology of certain food and its availability throughout the year. Gain an insight into the world of Tudor food, its role to establish class, belonging and status and be tempted to re-create some iconic Tudor flavors and experience for yourself the many varied and delicious seasonal tastes that Tudor dishes have to offer. Spice up your culinary habits and step back in time to recreate a true Tudor feast by impressing your guests the Tudor way or prepare a New Year’s culinary gift fit for a Tudor monarch.


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