The Husband List (The Worthington Brides, #2) by Ella Quinn

The Husband List (The Worthington Brides, #2) by Ella Quinn

Title:  The Husband List
Series:  The Worthington Brides, #2
Author: Ella Quinn
Publisher:  Zebra Books
Genre: Romance
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  365
Date of US Publication:  27 June, 2023
My Rating:   3 Stars

My Thoughts 

Sweet romance. Madeline and Henry meet and fall for one another but Madeline's mother has been insistent that she marry someone titled, which Henry is not. 


I enjoyed the historical aspect of this without seeing much chemistry between Madeline and Henry. 

I enjoyed the story itself and probably would have enjoyed it more if I had been aware that it was part of an established literary world. 

Thank you to Zebra Books and NetGalley for the DRC!


Beloved by Regency fans and those who enjoy richly detailed historical romance, the chaotic and captivating Worthington family returns in a delightful new novel from this USA Today bestselling author—ideal for readers of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series and of Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James, and Tessa Dare.
While her older sisters have sought out adventure, Lady Madeline Vivers is content to be the conventional one in the family. A respectable husband, spring and autumn in Town, a place in the country—these are Madeline’s very reasonable goals. And Mr. Harry Stern is 
not the man to help her reach them—no matter how much he causes her pulse to race. He is far too ambitious and determined to make his mark in Parliament. Yet, somehow he’s convinced that Madeline is just the helpmate he needs . . .
The moment Harry witnesses Madeline gently convincing a shopkeeper to hire the child who is stealing from him, he’s intrigued. If only she realized how much good they could do together, aiding their fellow countrymen and women. And the way her color deepens at his touch tells him she too feels their intense attraction. In fact, Harry has never felt so powerful an attraction either. What better reasons to use all his gifts of persuasion to convince her she belongs by his side—and in his arms . . .
Praise for The Most Eligible Bride in London

“Quinn charms . . . historical romance fans will delight in this well-plotted romp.”
--Publishers Weekly


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