Bad, Bad Seymour Brown by Susan Isaacs

Bad, Bad Seymour Brown by Susan Isaacs

Title:  Bad, Bad Seymour Brown by Susan Isaacs
Author: Susan Isaacs
Publisher:  Atlantic Monthly Press
Genre:  Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 444
Date of US Publication:  2 May, 2023
My Rating:  4.5 Stars

My Thoughts 

Susan Isaacs is one of my must read authors; ever since I came across a hardcover of Shining Through in the early 00’s, I bought it, and I fell in love with that story and have read each of her books since, with great enjoyment.

Bad, Bad Seymour Brown is an excellent follow-up to Takes One to Know One.  It catches us up with Corie Geller, her husband and step-daughter, her parents, the pandemic and its aftermath in a close family, as well as Corie’s PTSD (I really appreciated this nod to mental health and its importance) until the now-adult survivor of an old cold case of Corie’s father’s reaches out to him after a frightening experience, seemingly being the target of an assassination attempt. Dad, who’s never forgotten it and kept in touch with the victim throughout the years is immediately concerned with the safety of the survivor and gets his old files (most of which he borrowed from the station - cold case that no one else was looking at) out of storage, and he and Corie start investigating. 

Thoughts - 

* The story here is compelling and keeps you turning the page

* I love how the author writes dialogue - her wit continues to get me with each book

* The family dynamics here are conveyed wonderfully

* The descriptive writing allows the reader to see so much of the story

* oooh, twisty

The worst part of reading this was that it put Jim Croce's 1970's song, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown in my head on an almost continuous loop.


Thank you to Grove Atlantic and NetGalley for the DRC!


New York Times bestselling author Susan Isaacs returns
to a pair of her readers’ favorite characters, former FBI agent Corie Geller
and her retired cop dad, who must solve one of the NYPD’s coldest homicide
cases—before the crime’s sole survivor is killed

When Corie Geller asked her
parents to move from their apartment into the suburban McMansion she shares
with her husband and teenage daughter, she assumed they'd fit right in with the
placid life she’d opted for when she left the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force
of the FBI.

But then her retired NYPD
detective father gets a call from good-natured and slightly nerdy film
professor April Brown—one of the victims of a case he was never able to solve.
When April was a five-year-old, she’d emerged unscathed from the arson that
killed her parents. Now, two decades later, April is asking for help. Someone
has made an attempt on her life. It takes only a nanosecond for Corie and her
dad to say yes, and they jump into a full-fledged investigation.

If they don’t move fast,
whoever attacked the April is sure to strike again. But while her late father,
Seymour Brown, was the go-to money launderer for the Russian mob – a mercurial
and violent man with a penchant for Swiss watches and cheating on his wife –
April Brown has no enemies. Well-liked by her students, admired by her
colleagues, her only connection to crime is her passion for the noir movies of
Hollywood’s golden age. Who would want her dead now? And who set that horrific
fire, all those years ago?

The stakes have never been
higher. Yet as Corie and her dad are realizing, they still live for the chase.
Savvy and surprising, witty and gripping, 
Bad, Bad Seymour Brown is
another standout hit from the beloved Susan Isaacs.


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