Insatiable (The Phoenix Club, #8) by Darcy Burke

Insatiable (The Phoenix Club, #8) by Darcy Burke

Title:  Insatiable
Series: The Phoenix Club, #8
Author: Darcy Burke
Publisher: Zealous Quill Press
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Romance
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 368
Date of US Publication:  24 January, 2023
My Rating:  3 Stars

My Thoughts 

Lucien… a great brother and friend, a frustrated son, and the man who’s wanted to outright own the Phoenix Club. Having been the heart of the club, and always helpful to his friends and family, I've been looking forward to reading Lucien's story since the first book of the series.

As the final book of the series, we see mysteries - older and new solved and answered, many of the subplots are resolved and I enjoyed the author revisiting other former main characters in this series so we can see a little glimpse of them as well as our MC’s. 

Some issues 

- the author describes everyone by their race - this is not an issue but for the fact that there’s one POC character in the book, and it’s written out in such a way that I found to be a bit awkward. 

- I really didn’t like Kat, even at 60% of the way through the book - she was often selfish and I didn’t have much patience for it after a while. She struck me as a liability, with her willingness to talk about Lucien’s club troubles to many. Kat seemed to be perhaps on the spectrum herself, but also just a thoughtless jerk. 

I’ve enjoyed so many of the author’s books that it pains me to write this review, but the coupling of Lucien and Kat (where is the chemistry?) - they never seem passionate or in love, and that, along with my other issues, just kind of turned this one into a meh for me, that unfortunately, didn’t quite hit in the same way as previous books have. The most interesting part of the book, to me, was what was going on with the club. 

Thank you to Zealous Quill Press and NetGalley for the DRC.


Society’s most exclusive invitation...

Welcome to the Phoenix Club, where London’s most audacious, disreputable, and intriguing ladies and gentlemen find scandal, redemption, and second chances.

After Miss Kathleen Shaughnessy is seen kissing a gentleman in a Gloucestershire garden, she’s sent to London to avoid scandal. She doesn’t, however, plan to abandon her research of mating rituals, and she knows the perfect person to provide assistance: her brother’s best friend, Lord Lucien Westbrook, who is renowned for helping others.

Disdained by his haughty father, Lucien runs the Phoenix Club, an inclusive community where no one is ostracized or overlooked. It’s also a secret rendezvous for the Foreign Office, where important connections are made, and information is passed—until a scandal ricochets through the club and threatens Lucien’s position with his superiors.

As Lucien works to maintain control of the club, his best friend’s sister seeks his personal expertise and assistance with researching the “science” of mating. He can’t possibly say yes, but the more time he spends with the genuine and captivating Kat, the weaker his resistance. He’s soon battling his desire for her as well as the powerful forces who wish to push him out of his club. When Kat is thrust into real danger, Lucien will stop at nothing to protect the woman who has stolen his heart.


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