Beguiling the Duke (Lords in Love, #1) by Darcy Burke

Beguiling the Duke (Lords in Love, #1) by Darcy Burke

Title:  Beguiling the Duke
Series: Lords in Love, #1
Author: Darcy Burke
Publisher:  Zealous Quill Press
Genre:  Romance
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  195
Date of US Publication:  7 March, 2023
My Rating:  3 Stars

My Thoughts 

This was mostly enjoyable weekend afternoon reading for me, after a long week. 

Law is a duke, still trying to live up to his deceased father’s demands (Strke through) wishes. His father wished him to marry and so Law and is on his way, albeit with extreme reluctance, to meet the young lady his father wished for him to marry. 

Well, a carriage accident requires Law, his valet, and driver to seek refuge at the home the accident helpfully occurred in front of. Law meets Sadie, another doormat, and daughter of the home owner who wants a home and family of her own, who is hesitantly looking forward to the yearly Marrywell village festival. Law is instantly attracted, and on. 

I liked it while also finding the very insta- romance lackluster combined with having a difficult time seeing the two main characters together, despite the story. 

I am planning on reading more of this new series that I've been looking forward to. 

Thank you to Zealous Quill Press and NetGalley for the DRC.


On the way to meet his future wife, the Duke of Lawford’s coach loses a wheel. Repair is impossible because he’s landed in Marrywell on the first day of their annual May Day Matchmaking Festival and everyone is on holiday. Furthermore, there are no rooms to let, so Law must accept the hospitality of a country squire or, more accurately, from his beautiful, clever daughter who obviously runs the household.

After a disastrous foray at the matchmaking festival four years ago, Sadie Campion has mostly hidden away at home. But at twenty-four, this may be her last chance to marry and have a home and family of her own. When her unexpected houseguest offers to help her attract a husband, she can hardly refuse and, on the duke’s arm, becomes the belle of the festival.

As they grow closer and attraction simmers between them, Law wonders if 
she is the match he was destined to make…


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