Rekha's Kitchen Garden: Seasonal Produce and Homegrown Wisdom from a Year in One Gardener's Plot by Rekha Mistry

Rekha's Kitchen Garden: Seasonal Produce and Homegrown Wisdom from a Year in One Gardener's Plot by Rekha Mistry

Title:  Rekha's Kitchen Garden: Seasonal Produce and Homegrown Wisdom from a Year in One Gardener's Plot
Author: Rekha Mistry
Publisher:  DK
Genre:  Home & Garden
Format:  Temporary PDF
No. of Pages:  192
Date of US Publication:  21 February, 2023
My Rating:  5 Stars

My Thoughts 

There’s something magical about growing nourishing food. 

This cheerful book goes into some of the magic that the author has in her allotment, this book is open, appealing, and has beautiful photos that show the detail of aforementioned magic (growing your own food never ceases to thrill me and I really do view it as the magic harmony of working with nature).

Our house sits on almost two acres, but my knees and I both prefer a more manageable size garden - hence the allotment. Ms. Mistry is in London, which has milder temperatures than many other areas, including mine, but it’s easy to apportion what she is able to do year-round, with what temperature constraints you might have.

This book is an excellent choice for aspiring allotment gardeners, or smaller space gardeners. I particularly really appreciate that her instructions don’t include pesticides, instead dealing naturally with pests. 

Temporary PDF kindly provided by DK and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


Welcome to Rekha’s Kitchen Garden: a North London allotment that is bursting with the very best seasonal produce all year round. 

With more than 30 years’ experience as both an amateur and professional gardener, there is no better guide to home-grown produce than Rekha. Let her teach you the tricks and share the lessons she has learned from a lifetime of sowing, digging, and harvesting. 

This isn’t your average introduction to growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Packed with personality and stunning photography, this is a celebration of more than 40 seasonal crops that will inspire you to make the most of your allotment or kitchen garden.

So what are you waiting for? Dive straight in to discover: 

- More than 40 profiles on different allotment crops, including vegetables, fruit, and herbs, with each one showcasing Rekha’s personal experience and advice for achieving the best results.
- Profiles organized by harvest season, emphasizing the importance of seasonality.
- “Garden tips” offer advice and solutions that Rekha uses in her own allotment, while “Kitchen tips” reveal how Rekha makes the most of her harvest.
- “Planting partners” introduce readers to companion planting, while suggested varieties reveal the crops that Rekha recommends from her own experience.
- An introductory section at the start of the book sets out Rekha’s ethos as an organic gardener, her approach to seasonality, general allotment tips and her favorite tools. The section also features a table highlighting some of the key tasks on the plot and in the greenhouse each month..
- All photography has been shot at Rekha’s own allotment over the course of a full year, to emphasize her hands-on experience with growing every crop featured in the book and to reveal what can be achieved with a single plot.

Whoever you are and whatever gardening experience you have, pick up a spade and join Rekha – so that you too can enjoy the very best of what each season has to offer.


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