Owner of a Lonely Heart: A Novel by Eva Carter

Owner of a Lonely Heart: A Novel by Eva Carter

Title:  Owner of a Lonely Heart: A Novel
Author:  Eva Carter
Genre:  General Fiction (Adult), Romance, Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle 
No. of Pages: 384
Date of US Publication:  17 January, 2023
My Rating:  3.5 Stars

My Thoughts 

Lovely and heartwarming, I read Owner of a Lonely Heart over two days when I should have been doing other things; though I found this to be obvious-predictable,  I didn’t want to stop reading because the characters are so real and I wanted to know what happened. 

Final opinion, very formulaic but also very enjoyable.

eARC kindly provided by Dell / Random House Publishing Group and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


From the author of How to Save a Life comes a heartfelt story of two people finding the courage to choose love, no matter how hard it may be.

Gemma thought she had her future all mapped out.  She had a wonderful husband, a cute apartment, and plans to start a family. But just months after their wedding, illness took her husband from her. And now she finds herself trying to think up new dreams, when all she really wants are her old ones back.

Across town, Dan’s also rethinking his life. He’s about to meet his twelve-year-old daughter, Casey, for the very first time. She’s tracked him down because she needs a place to stay for the summer while she receives treatment for a brain tumor at the city hospital, and Dan is terrified he won’t be up to the task of taking care of her; after all, he’s structured his entire life so that no one has to rely on him.

But when fate (with the help of Gemma’s scruffy terrier, Bear) brings these three strangers together one scorching July morning, there’s an instant connection among them. And it soon becomes clear that this summer could change everything—if only they’ll let it.

Will Gemma, Dan, and Casey be brave enough to let love in and build a new life together? Or will they let fear keep everything they’ve ever wanted just out of reach?


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