Miss Pamela’s Writing School for Electric Ladies

 Miss Pamela’s Writing School for Electric Ladies by Pamela Des Barres

Title:  Miss Pamela’s Writing School for Electric Ladies
Author: Pamela Des Barres
Publisher:  Truth / Riverdale Avenue Books 
Genre:  Biographies & Memoirs
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 222
Date of US Publication: 30 September, 2022
My Rating:  1 Star

My Thoughts 

This isn’t a how to, despite the title, it’s more curated works written by some of the women who’ve taken Des Barres’ workshops. 

Perhaps it's my own fault, for taking the title to mean that there would be something from the workshops, some guidance, within these pages and not reading the synopsis more clearly. Given that there was not, I unfortunately did not find what I was hoping to see within the pages.

eARC kindly provided by Truth / Riverdale Avenue Books and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


There’s a Buddhist saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” That teacher is Pamela Des Barres, known to her students —and to the world over —as Miss Pamela.

Miss Pamela has created a safe space for hundreds of women across the country and throughout the world to share their lives and express their most secret thoughts through writing. Their ages range from 20 to 75, and in her writing workshops the 20 year-olds can come across like wise-old sages, and the 70-year olds can appear like teenagers discovering their voices for the first time.

The magic of getting women together to share their stories has wrought this collection of powerful, moving writing. The pieces are funny, angry, joyful, sad, full of hope, tragedy, and transformation—each a revelation in its own right. You will marvel at the skill with which these women have told their tales based on the prompts Miss Pamela gives them, all written extemporaneously in 12 minutes. You may also discover yourself in these glimpses into the lives of your fellow humans.


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