Lyon of the Highlands (The Lyon’s Den Connected World)

Lyon of the Highlands (The Lyon’s Den Connected World) by Emily Royal

Title:  Lyon of the Highlands
Series: (The Lyon’s Den Connected World)
Author Emily Royal
Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing 
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Romance 
Format:  Kindle 
No. of Pages: 214
Date of US Publication:  28 December, 2022
My Rating:  4 Stars

My Thoughts

I absolutely adored this story! A quick read, everything here worked for me, and was exactly what I didn’t know that I needed to read ❤️

This was my first book of Ms. Royal’’s.  At this point, I’ve already borrowed more on Kindle Unlimited, so it's fair to say that it absolutely won't be my last.

* Available with Kindle Unlimited! 

eARC kindly provided by Dragonblade Publishing and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


Marriage to an Earl destroyed her—can a highland beast mend her heart?

After surviving an abusive marriage to an older man, Wilhelmina Redstone retreated from society. Her stepson’s wife, Lily, once her rival, promises to find Mina the perfect husband—a man to love her as she deserves—by engaging the services of Bessie Dove-Lyon, proprietress of the Lyon’s Den, who secured Lily’s own marriage. On entering the Lyon’s Den, Mina glimpses a huge, savage Highlander among the dandies, and his appearance both terrifies and thrills her.

Laird Duncan MacLeish must marry for money—quickly—to avoid bankruptcy. Resigning himself to a loveless match, he sets off for London, and the infamous Lyon’s Den, where wealthy harridans are rumoured to do, and pay, anything to wed a title. But, when he competes in an extraordinary game, he learns that the prospective bride is no harridan, but a widow with soulful eyes and a tragic past.

Carried off to the Highlands, a world away from the genteel society she’s always known, Mina begins to fall for the stranger she’s married—a man whose savage appearance belies his tender heart, and whose body ignites previously unknown sensations.

But, if Mina is to find the happiness she craves, she must first conquer the nightmares of her past.

The Redstone Family
Lily and Mason in A Lyon’s Pride
Mina and Duncan in Lyon of the Highlands


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