The New Person: A Novel

 The New Person: A Novel by Loretta Nyhan

Title:  The New Person: A Novel
Author:  Loretta Nyhan
PublisherLake Union Publishing
Genre:  General Fiction (Adult), Women's Fiction 
Format:  Kindle 
No. of Pages:  299
Date of US Publication:  29 November, 2022
My Rating:  4 Stars

My Thoughts

What a touching story. The characters are beautifully written, with each going through their own plight, this book definitely isn’t a lighter read but it manages to remain hopeful in tone. 

Full of excellent characters that I really cared for, this book isn’t a lighter read like the cover might possibly suggest. It’s much heavier. This isn’t a bad thing, but do be warned that if you’re expecting something light hearted, you will not find it. I found The New Person to be very poignant, touching, and sweet, it made me tear up in places, and I really did enjoy this novel. 


eARC kindly provided by Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


A sweet and hopeful novel about loss, connection, and the many ways to make a family from the bestselling author of The Other Family.

Single mother Roxy Novak works days at a dentist’s office and delivers food at night, making the best life she can for herself and her son, Aero. When her wealthy ex-husband decides to ask for full custody, telling her Aero will be better off living with him and his Instagram-famous new wife, Roxy is stunned and scared. How can she possibly get the money to fight back?

Meanwhile, Nora and Owen Finnegan have been trying to have a child for years without success. After their latest surrogate suffers a miscarriage, they start the search again—and find Roxy, who sees a chance to salvage her own dreams of family by fulfilling theirs.

But family is never simple, and neither are dreams. Nora, Owen, and Roxy hope that their surrogacy journey will lead them to what they want most in the world. All three will get more than they expected.


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