RHS Garden Bridgewater: The Making of a Garden

RHS Garden Bridgewater: The Making of a Garden by The Royal Horticultural Society, Phil McCann

Title:  RHS Garden Bridgewater: The Making of a Garden
Editor: The Royal Horticultural Society, Phil McCann
Publisher:  Frances Lincoln / Quarto Publishing Group - White Lion 
Genre: Home & Garden
Format:  Temporary PDF
No. of Pages: 208
Date of US Publication:  22 November, 2022
My Rating:  5 Stars

My Thoughts 

Visually this title is extremely appealing with wonderful photos of the gardens, different plants, buildings, and profiles, including volunteers. 

This is in depth and goes into the history of Bridgewater, the issues faced, the buildings throughout, the gardens themselves, as well as the plants inhabiting the gardens. 

This was such an enjoyable and informative read. 

Temporary PDF kindly provided by Frances Lincoln / Quarto Publishing Group - White Lion and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


Following the popular BBC series, this book is the comprehensive guide to one of Europe's largest and most ambitious gardening projects, the magnificent RHS Bridgewater.

RHS Garden Bridgewater has a 
rich history, deeply entrenched personal connections with the local community and now a dazzling and exciting future, all of which is brought to life in this sumptuous book.

Set on the site of the former Worsley New Hall stately home in Manchester, bordering the Bridgewater canal, the Bridgewater garden is one of the 
most exciting public garden projects undertaken anywhere in the world in recent years. Guided by a masterplan from the renowned landscape architect Tom Stuart-Smith, it is a showpiece of horticultural excellence with a rich array of attractions, from walled gardens and Chinese streamside features to aromatic kitchen gardens and verdant wooded areas, all placed at the heart of the community.

RHS Garden Bridgewater charts the glory years of royal visits to the site, the decline and fall into disrepair and the subsequent restoration and development of the gardens into what they are today.

Chronicling personal memories from the people who shaped the gardens, the book is 
beautifully illustrated and provides a complete insight into how a garden was and will once again become an integral and inspirational part of the community.


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