Colors of London: A History

Colors of London: A History  by Peter Ackroyd

Title:  Colors of London: A History
Author Peter Ackroyd
Publisher:  Frances Lincoln / Quarto Publishing Group
Genre: Arts & Photography, History
Format:  PDF
No. of Pages: 256
Date of US Publication: 4 October, 2022
My Rating:  5 Stars

My Thoughts 

Full of striking photos and artwork, these pages of history truly show the colors of London throughout the years. And it’s an utterly gorgeous book. 

Very visually pleasing, and well laid out, the accompanying talks about color and light and the history snippets really turn this into a highly enjoyable coffee table book, one as enjoyable to read through as to look at.

Temporary PDF kindly provided by Frances Lincoln / Quarto Publishing Group - White Lion and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


Celebrated novelist, biographer, and critic Peter Ackroyd paints a vivid picture of one of the world's greatest cities in this brilliant and original work, exploring how the city's many hues have come to shape its history and identity.  

Think of the colors of London and what do you imagine? The
 reds of open-top buses and terracotta bricks? The grey smog of Victorian industry, Portland stone, and pigeons in Trafalgar square? Or the gradations of yellowsviolets, and blues that shimmer on the Thames at sunset—reflecting the incandescent light of a city that never truly goes dark. We associate green with royal parks and the District Line; gold with royal carriages, the Golden Lane Estate, and the tops of monuments and cathedrals.

Colors of London shows us that color is everywhere in the city, and each one holds myriad links to its past. The colors of London have inspired artists (Whistler, Van Gogh, Turner, Monet), designers (Harry Beck) and social reformers (Charles Booth). And from the city’s first origins, Ackroyd shows how color is always to be found at the heart of London’s history, from the blazing reds of the Great Fire of London to the blackouts of the Blitz to the bold colors of royal celebrations and vibrant street life

This beautifully written book examines 
the city's fascinating relationship with color, alongside specially commissioned colorised photographs from Dynamichrome, which bring a lost London back to life
London has been the main character in Ackroyd's work ever since his first novel, and he has won countless prizes in both fiction and non-fiction for his truly remarkable body of work. Here, he channels a
 lifetime of knowledge of the great city, writing with clarity and passion about the hues and shades which have shaped London's journey through history into the present day.

 truly invaluable book for lovers of art, history, photography, or urban geography, this beautifully illustrated title tells a rich and fascinating story of the history of this great and ever-changing city.


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