The Duke Alone

 The Duke Alone by Christi Caldwell

Title: The Duke Alone
AuthorChristi Caldwell
Publisher: Montlake
Genre:  General Fiction (Adult), Romance
Format:  Kindle 
No. of Pages: 309 
Date of US Publication: 18 Octber, 2022
My Rating:  3 Stars

My Thoughts 

I’ve always enjoyed the books I’ve read by this author and this one was no different. 

A Christmas time historical romance with sunshine/grump, forced proximity, a heroine with a true appreciation for Jane Austen, and a nice nod to Home Alone (yes, that one, the iconic 1990 movie)? Yup, I’m in. 

But… okay, listen, I’m the first to admit that a Christmas-time historical romance without at least one really fun sex scene is one I’m less inclined to read (I enjoy some explicit sex in the books I read). 

I liked this story, it was entertaining, it was touching, Myrtle and Val were great characters. Horace was a total love, but at the end, I was left wanting more from it. 

Available via Kindle Unlimited on publication

eARC kindly provided by Montlake and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


For an abandoned lady and a reclusive duke, the winter season brings a swirl of romance—and danger—in a bracing novel by USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell.

Lady Myrtle McQuoid has always felt a little forgotten, and this season is no exception. When her boisterous family vacates their London townhouse for the country, Myrtle finds she’s been left behind. But she just needs to stay warm, keep her belly full, and distract herself until her relatives realize their mistake and turn back to collect her. Surely that won’t take long.

Brooding widower Val Bancroft, the Duke of Aragon, has shut himself off from the world. He craves blessed solitude—a loyal dog, a silent house, and his own company are all he requires. Certainly not the nonstop chattering of the joyful, opinionated young woman next door.

But with a potential threat lurking in the winter shadows, Myrtle may need to pluck up the nerve to approach the reclusive duke. And Val is not one to turn his back on a vulnerable lady.

Amid the silent nights of London, beneath a blanket of snow, could the light of a new, warm love be kindling?


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