Find Your Calm: A Workbook to Manage Anxiety

Find Your Calm: A Workbook to Manage Anxiety by Jaime Zuckerman

Title: Find Your Calm: A Workbook to Manage Anxiety
Series: Wellness Workbooks
Author: Jaime Zuckerman
Publisher: Wellfleet Press
Genre:  Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help
Format:  Temporary PDF
No. of Pages: 160
Date of US Publication: 10 May, 2022
My Rating:  4 Stars

My Thoughts 

I saw this peaceful cover and thought why not?

This is a beautifully laid out interactive workbook with a lot of prompts, journaling ideas, and I found myself thinking of it during periods of anxiety and found many of the exercises to be helpful. 

If workbooks appeal, this is a worthwhile resource for those with anxiety. 

Temporary PDF kindly provided by Wellfleet Press - Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


With wise advice and helpful exercises from psychologist Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, this beautifully designed, interactive workbook will help you find a path toward a calmer, happier daily life.

Stress, worry, and anxiety can make it hard to enjoy your days, and these feelings tend to build up over time. This enjoyable workbook is a colorful, friendly guide that’s written to be straightforward and easily accessible, with the feel of a guided journal rather than a dry clinical tome. Inside, you’ll find 
a simple toolkit for reducing your anxiety, no matter where it pops up:

  • Learn to separate yourself from your anxious thoughts 
  • Break unhelpful thought patterns
  • Practice how to confront and manage your fears
  • Find strategies for focusing on the present moment
  • Practice techniques to keep anxiety at bay for the long haul

Accompanied by engaging, inspirational illustrations, this workbook offers writing promptsmeditationstracking exercises, and more—giving a gentle, eye-opening introduction to scientifically proven techniques to reduce anxiety in everyday life.

Wellness Workbooks series from Wellfleet Press offers guidance on a wide range of self-help and mental health topics. Each book presents a thoughtful, evidence-based collection of straightforward exercises in an accessible, enjoyable format that will keep you engaged and inspired. With a distinctive design and full-color illustrations throughout, these workbooks deliver a practical path to personal growth in a beautiful package.


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