Tea Gardening for Beginners: Learn to Grow, Blend, and Brew Your Own Tea at Home by Julia Dimakos

Title:  Tea Gardening for Beginners: Learn to Grow, Blend, and Brew Your Own Tea at Home
Author: Julia Dimakos
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Genre:  Cooking, Food & Wine, Home & Garden, Outdoors & Nature
Format:  temporary PDF
No. of Pages: 174
Date of US Publication: 26 July, 2022
My Rating: 5  Stars

My Thoughts 

When I saw the title and cover for this, I was immediately interested. I love starting my plants inside in small containers and drinking tea. I used to buy tea all the time, but oftentimes, even with the higher end, organic brands I like, so often bagged tea tastes like it should be tasting so much better. So, why not grow your own. I’ve been plotting out my indoor  Fate, I tell you. 

This is a really, really in-depth basics book - does that make sense? And I don’t mean it at all to sound insulting; the author has done a fantastic job of condensing her knowledge into this treasure-trove of a how-to guide and the results are this terrific guide. 

As the title proclaims, this is for beginners - and I absolutely recommend it. 

  • This would be a wonderful family project to do with age 3, 3.5 and up children - they help plant, they tend their seedlings, they watch them grow, they help harvest, and enjoy some yummy kid-palate-friendly tea. 

* Available on Kindle Unlimited (as of 8/17/22)

eARC kindly provided by Rockridge Press / Callisto Media and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


A gardening book that’s sure to be your cup of tea

What’s more satisfying than brewing the perfect cup of tea? Brewing it from tea you grew yourself! Create your own tea garden with help from this beginner’s guide. It walks you through every step of the process, from planning your garden plot to preparing delicious tea blends.

  • Know your teas—Become a true devotea as you explore different types of teas and tisanes, along with the best ways to blend and brew them.
  • Build your garden—Learn how to choose the best location for your garden, the essential tools you should have on hand, and the proper techniques for pruning and harvesting.
  • Dig into plant profiles—From lavender to lemongrass, read quick rundowns of 25 different plants, including their taste profiles, safety considerations, and preservation techniques.

Grow the skills you need to make your own tea blends for increased energy, relaxation, digestion, and just plain enjoyment with Tea Gardening for Beginners.


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