The War Librarian by Addison Armstrong

Title:  The War Librarian
Author: Addison Amrstrong 
Publisher: Penguin Group Putnam
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 384
Date of US Publication:  9 August, 2022
My Rating:  2 Stars

My Thoughts 

I had very high hopes for this one but unfortunately the characters struck me less as women of their time and more of this time, and that was a massive issue for me and really kept me from gelling with the story.  

I wasn’t the right reader for this novel and given the positive reviews that this title has I’m definitely in the minority there. This one will, no doubt, find its fans. 

eARC kindly provided by Penguin Group Putnam and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


The Paris Library meets The Flight Girls in this captivating historical novel about the sacrifice and courage necessary to live a life of honor, inspired by the first female volunteer librarians during World War I and the first women accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy.

Two women. One secret. A truth worth fighting for.
1918. Timid and shy Emmaline Balakin lives more in books than her own life. That is, until an envelope crosses her desk at the Dead Letter Office bearing a name from her past, and Emmaline decides to finally embark on an adventure of her own—as a volunteer librarian on the frontlines in France. But when a romance blooms as she secretly participates in a book club for censored books, Emmaline will need to find more courage within herself than she ever thought possible in order to survive. 
1976. Kathleen Carre is eager to prove to herself and to her nana that she deserves her acceptance into the first coed class at the United States Naval Academy. But not everyone wants female midshipmen at the Academy, and after tragedy strikes close to home, Kathleen becomes a target. To protect herself, Kathleen must learn to trust others even as she discovers a secret that could be her undoing.


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