Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook: 150 Plant-based Recipes from Indian Cuisine and Beyond by Richa Hingle 

Title:  Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook: 150 Plant-based Recipes from Indian Cuisine and Beyond
Author: Richa Hingle 
Publisher: Hachette Go Books
Genre:  Cooking, Food & Wine
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 384
Date of Publication:  24 May, 2022
My Rating:  5 Stars

My Thoughts 

I’m a long time blog follower of Richa Hingle and my entire family has loved all the dishes we’ve made from her first cookbook, Vegan RIcha’s Indian Cookbook.

I wanted to really try a lot of the recipes to see how they worked for me (20+ year vegan), my husband (not vegan), and our teens (vegetarian) before reviewing. I love finding vegan cookbooks with appealing food and Richa’s food knocks “appealing” to a completely elevated level. 

We tried four of the recipes before I wrote this review - the chickpea flour tofu (turned out really well for me), chole (delicious), saag aloo (amazing), and masala potatoes (potatoes are one of my favorite things to eat and these are wonderful, but I omitted the black mustard seeds, and cashews). We’ll be ordering a physical copy of this cookbook because there are a lot of recipes that we want to try. 

This is another terrific cookbook from Richa and if you’ve been considering going meatless and vegan, I’d strongly suggest one of her cookbooks as the complexity of flavors in her food creates such wonderfully delicious meals, you wouldn’t miss the meat aspect at all (this according to my husband).

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Join Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot revolution with brand new techniques to level up your favorite plant-based meals 

Welcome to Vegan Richa’s kitchen, where hearty flavors and easy recipes are your passport to delicious, satisfying meals every day of the week. Whether you are an Instant Pot™ pro or newbie, you’ll learn how to save time and maximize the potential of your Instant Pot™ with Richa’s inventive new techniques for
  • layered pot-in-pot cooking (Crunchwraps!) 
  • one-pot meals (Spicy Peanut Noodles in minutes) 
  • dump-and-done meals (comforting Wild Rice Soup and Chana Masala—no sautéing) 
  • roasting and caramelizing (Mushroom Gyros) 
  • and much more! 
With 150 recipes from a range of global cuisines highlighting an abundance of whole foods, vegetables, and legumes, minimal oil, and no processed ingredients, you’ll use your Instant Pot for everything from breakfasts (Egg Sandwiches) to desserts (yes, cake!) to Richa’s fan favorite regional Indian specialties. Complete with myriad adaptations, swaps for allergies and special diets, and full nutritional information, Vegan Richa's Instant Pot™ Cookbook is your go-to guide for healthful, flavor-forward meals that are a breeze to get to the table. 


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