Radiohead: Life in a Glasshouse by John Aizlewood 

Title:  Radiohead: Life in a Glasshouse
Author: John Aizlewood
Publisher: Palazzo Editions
Genre:  Biographies & Memoirs, Entertainment, Nonfiction (Adult)
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages:  227
Date of Publication:  5 May, 2022
My Rating:  5 Stars

My Thoughts 

You know that band that just speaks to your soul? For me, that’s Radiohead, so I was very pleased to receive an advance copy of Radiohead: Life in a Glasshouse. 

There’s a lot of information about the band in Aizlewood’s excellent book, from their younger days in public school to the early days of the pandemic.  The author has written an engaging and informative work with this title. 

I’d kind of given up on listening to music during my pandemic anxiety (not intentionally, it just happened) but during my reading of this, I re-listened to my old cd’s, re-watched so many of Radiohead’s music videos spanning from Pablo Honey to A Moon Shaped Pool, and my 45+ year old back hurt in protest after watching Thom Yorke arch his back like that in Fake Plastic Trees. In all seriousness though, reading this was such a gift because it brought back to me the knowledge that Radiohead’s music is still utter genius. 

I haven’t read any of Aizlewood’s other works, but after reading this, I’m planning to. 

Definitely recommended. 

eARC kindly provided by Palazzo Editions and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


Radiohead are not like other bands. For over three decades they have charted a singular course. As their music has become more beautiful, more strange and more uncompromising, the band who make it have become more popular, evolving from the indie clubs of Britain to stadia across the globe, while selling over 30 million albums.

And they have done it their way. Their line-up has remained unchanged since they met at school, but these five very different characters have always remained united in their quest to keep pushing boundaries. They have changed musical direction almost as many times as they have made albums and the band who seemed destined to be one-hit-wonders when 'Creep' was a global hit in the early '90s, evolved into trailblazers who have embraced rock, dance, electronica, classical music and pop without sacrificing what makes them special.

Radiohead are proof that selling records need not mean selling out and this is their story.


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