Harvey and the Collection of Impossible Things

Title:  Harvey and the Collection of Impossible Things
Author: Garret Weyr
Illustrations:  Minnie Phan
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Genre:  Children's Fiction, Middle Grade
Format:  Kindle
No. of Pages: 126
Date of Publication:  19 April, 2022
My Rating:  4 Stars

My Thoughts 

Oh Harvey. Oh Chester. This really made me appreciate the security in my life. 

An eye-catching and cute cover for a middle grade novel about a young cat growing up and being housing and food insecure, being alone, and feeling lonely, worrying about your family, and frightened because of those things. While I noticed the cover first, the title is what really piqued my interest. 

Full disclosure - I had to stop reading this at one point because I’m sensitive and it got to me. That being said, this novel really drew me in and I wanted to see what happened to Harvey and the other animals. 

I think that children and parents will love Harvey and his story; this is a strong recommendation from me. 

** Note for parents of sensitive children, this book has off-page animal deaths, food insecurity, and homelessness. 

eARC kindly provided by Chronicle Books and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own.


The One and Only Ivan meets Pax in this charming illustrated middle grade novel about one stray cat's search for shelter, acceptance, and courage.

If you're reading this, I don't trust you.
You see, humans are sometimes kind to me. Some sweet ladies say hi to anyone they meet on the street. One human always saved me bakery treats.
But just as often, humans are not kind to those like me—stray cats. Many people think I'm dirty (which I am not). Some think I'm a nuisance, to be kicked or played with.
My mother taught me to be cautious, thoughtful, and kind. I am good at those things.
But she also taught me to be brave. And that's something I needed a lot of help with.
If you're gentle and you don't move too quickly, I'll tell you about it. How I met Danielle. How three sparrows showed me the way. How Chester changed my life. And how I became brave.
Are you ready?

For city strays, life on the streets can be unforgiving. When every day is filled with territorial animals, fast-moving traffic, and aggressive boys with sticks, it takes more than a little courage to get by. Harvey, a stray cat struggling to survive, is searching for a home of his own—one that's safe and dry, with a view of the sky. But when the unexpected kindness of one woman saves him from the harsh city elements, he is forced to rethink what makes a home and who, if anyone, he can depend on. With the sage advice of Chester the dog and three talkative sparrows, Harvey will learn that trusting and helping others are some of the bravest things you can do.

PURRENNIAL MESSAGE: A story about being brave and learning to trust others is always relevant to a kid's experience. Particularly in the current cultural moment, when social anxiety and technology-induced loneliness are on the rise, this book shows young readers how being brave, making connections, and allowing oneself to be vulnerable can lead to an enriched life.

FOR CAT LOVERS: Harvey's point of view has all the unique but recognizable characteristics of these adorable house pets, but still manages to provide refreshing alternatives to the stereotypes we typically ascribe to them. Infused with humor and emotion, this is a book that a variety of readers, cat lovers or not, can appreciate.

WRITING THAT SOARS: The classic, winning voice of this book makes it perfect for a gentle introduction to different perspectives.

BELOVED AUTHOR: Garret Weyr's middle grade novel 
The Language of Spells won a California Book Award in 2018. She is also a Michael L. Printz winner for her book My Heartbeat. A constant source of innovation and playfulness, she's a favorite author of books for children.

Perfect for:

• Fans of Katherine Applegate
• Fans of the Warriors series
• Young readers who love adventures that are exciting but not scary
• Parents
• Grandparents
• Educators
• Librarians


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