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Taming the Rake (Lords in Love, #2) by Erica Ridley

Taming the Rake (Lords in Love, #2) by Erica Ridley Title:   Taming the Rake Series:   Lords in Love, #2 Author : Erica Ridley P ublisher :  WebMotion Genre :  Historical Fiction, Romance Format :  Kindle No. of Pages:   198 Date of US Publication :  24 March, 2023 My Rating :  2.5 Stars My Thoughts  Gladys is a timid young woman whose parents haven’t allowed her or her sister to read newspapers or books, have companions, or do much of anything. At 21, her parents take her and her younger sister to the Marrywell Festival (a festival that is exactly as it sounds - one to find a spouse at),  Gladys’s mother is manipulative and insists that Gladys not be a wallflower, but to smile and dance, and find a husband this year. Gladys tries. She dances, goes outside for a breath of fresh air after regretfully accepting a proposal that is all business) is kissed by Rueben Medford, a notorious rake who hides his serious insecurity behind the facade) in a case of mistaken identity. Having no und

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