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Room and Board: A Novel by Miriam Parker Title:   Room and Board: A Novel Author : Miriam Parker  P ublisher : Dutton Genre :  Women's Fiction Format :  Kindle No. of Pages:  303 Date of US Publication : 16 August, 2022 My Rating :  2 Stars My Thoughts  I was excited to read this one, but it read more like YA and I wasn’t expecting that, nor was I looking for it in a story about a MFC in her late 30’s.  I found the story arc to be fumbling, the dialogue stilted and awkward, the shifts between present day and past were not well defined, and I didn’t really understand the romantic relationship between Gillian and Aiden at all - the reader is told more than shown; that didn’t work.  Unfortunately, this one wasn’t for me.  eARC kindly provided by Penguin Group Dutton and NetGalley. Opinions shared are my own. Description A charming and redemptive novel about unexpected second chances, following a publicist who, after the sudden implosion of her career, takes a job as a dorm mom at a So

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