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It Had to Be a Duke (The Liar’s Club, #1) by Vivienne Lorret

It Had to Be a Duke (The Liar’s Club, #1) by Vivienne Lorret Title:   It Had to Be a Duke Series: The Liar’s Club, #1 Author : Vivienne Lorret P ublisher :  Avon Genre :  General Fiction (Adult), Historical Fiction, Romance Format :  Kindle No. of Pages:  378 Date of Publication : 28 November, 2023 My Rating :  5 Stars My Thoughts  The Duke of Longhurst needs to marry an heiress for the sake of his family’s betterment. (Spinster and non-heiress) Verity Hartley, tired of being bullied by her neighbor, tells a lie out of extreme frustration and suddenly she and the Duke of Longhurst are engaged to be married.  …much ensues.  I had a smile on my face all throughout my reading of this one - it was wonderful and exactly what I needed to read.  Verity is perfection, The Duke of Longhurst gave me rather strong Matthew Macfayden-as-Mr-Darcy vibes ❤️ (my favorite Mr. Darcy) and the chemistry between the two is fantastic. I loved this one, from start to finish and seriously can’t wait to r

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